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Importance of aviation ground control

Importance of ground control aviation and air radar

Managing the air traffic is a challenging task that is performed by the controllers who are responsible for guiding the pilots throughout the journey so that they can fly the aircraft safely. As it is important to ensure the safety of the aircrafts while it is flying, it is also important to look after the safety with regards to ground control aviation. The air traffic controllers are entrusted with the task of safety of the aircrafts so that delays with taking off and landing can be minimized.

The air traffic controllers also make use of air radar that helps in determining the weather so that the aircrafts are taken off or landed only when the weather is appropriate. Bad weather is known to pose risks to the aircrafts that increases the chances of accidents and hence it is important to make use of the radar for knowing the exact weather while the aircraft is flying through the skies. Ground control aviation is the best way of monitoring and directing the taking off and landing of the aircrafts so that it will be safe. Moreover the air traffic controllers
guide the pilots throughout the journey so that any critical information is provided quickly in case of any risks or dangers.

Ground control aviation is very important in times of any aircraft emergency because when there are many flights in the airport, it might become difficult to land the aircraft. But with proper monitoring and guidance, it can land safely with the use of air radar so that the present weather conditions can also be taken into account during the flight journey. The air traffic controllers will guide the pilots in case of extreme weather conditions so that it will not face any emergency and will prevent any risks or accidents in the sky.