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Aviation Obstruction Lights and Their Importance Obstruction Lights and Their Importance for Air Traffic Safe

It is very important to increase aviation safety and prevent different kinds of accidents. Many accidents can be caused by low visibility and bad weather. Therefore it is of utmost importance to increase the visibility of various tall objects and structures. Tall buildings pose threat to air traffic and they need to be equipped with special luminaires in order to increase their visibility.

Ordinary fluorescent and incandescent lighting are not suitable for usage in aviation obstruction lights. Therefore it is necessary to use LED luminaires that are designed for heavy duty and high performance.

You can imagine the conditions at the top of the tall buildings. There are many problems there, such as strong wind, high and low temperatures, atmospheric and weather conditions. Ordinary lighting would not be able to withstand those conditions. LED (light emitting diode) is capable to withstand temperature variations and other environmental factors. It is also important to equip those luminaires with a strong casing that is completely waterproof and dustproof.

Sometimes even birds want to land or nest on these lights. Therefore it is necessary to install bird spikes to keep out the birds. The housing needs to be protected from condensation and made of special materials that protect it from getting dirty and dusty.

Aviation obstruction lights must be installed on the different tall building. Some examples of tall building and structures are smokestacks, telecommunication towers, oil platforms, factories, machinery and many other objects. The aviation safety regulations are very strict. All of the tall objects and structures need to be equipped with the necessary signals in order to avoid accidents. Those signals need to be clear and with strong illumination. They also need to be heavy duty and reliable. Any failure could lead to tragic consequences. Engineers spend a lot of time and energy to develop lighting that is able to work continuously and without failures. If in any case there is a failure, the main LEDs inside will switch to auxiliary LEDs and the problem will be solved.

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