Finding A Plumber In Long Island


There are many reasons that you may need the services of a plumber. Luckily, if you are a resident of Long Island, there are some highly qualified long island plumber services around. There are some things that you should look for when hiring a plumber. Also, it is very important to inquire around for the best deals. Do not simply hire the first plumber you happen to see in a directory.

One thing to look for is that the plumber has free or reasonably priced estimates. If your prospective plumber wants to charge you an arm and a leg just for an estimate, you will be getting charged twice. This also could be an indication that their prices for the work tend to be higher than they should be. Even if you choose to not hire them, you will have already paid for the pricey estimate.

Make sure that the plumber is giving an honest estimate. Some plumbers will give a low cost for an estimate. However, it may not include certain aspects of the repair. Then, they do the job and charge you a far higher price than the estimate. Labor can also be manipulated to increase the price of the job. If the labor is hourly, they could drag out the project for hours or days longer than expected intentionally. This would drive up the cost to you. Also, some plumbers will charge extra for unexpected materials or labor. Make sure you check that the estimate is a flat fee that covers everything. Specifically ask about the cost of materials, labor, and unexpected costs.

It is also important to make sure that a plumber has insurance and bonding. Plumbers without this may leave you high and dry if something gets destroyed or damaged during the repair process. It also indicates a lack of credibility if a plumber does not carry insurance and is not bonded. Check that there is some type of guarantee that if the repair does not work or something gets broken that you will be covered.

If the repair will require multiple visits, check about the payment plan. There are some plumbers who will try to get you to pay for all of the visits right away. This is a questionable practice. Who is to say that they will finish the job in a timely fashion? You should look for a plumber that lets you pay in installments for large repairs.

Another important thing to check on is that the workers will pick up after doing their job. A few plumbers do not pick up after the repair. There are also some that will charge a “clean up” fee. This is not always included in an estimate.